What Part of Australia are You Heading To?

Brisbane River and CBD

Brisbane River and CBD

Australia is a country that has been largely ignored by the masses due to the flight time and the isolation of the continent from most of the other larger continents and the ignorance by many of its culture. It is believed that Australia is largely unpopulated and the people who live there just hunt crocodiles and carry big knives and drink endless amounts of Fosters lager all day. While all the above may accurately describe some Australian individuals, its nevertheless a stereotype and a generalization that has afflicted Australia for far too long.

Australia is a country that takes a long time to see. Quite like continental Europe or transversing the United States and Canada, you are going to need about a month at least to see all the sites of Australia and really make the most of your trip down under. Australia has eight capital cities, which are Sydney, capital of the state of New South Wales, Melbourne, capital of Victoria, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory, Perth, capital of Western Australia, Adelaide, capital of South Australia, Hobart, capital of the island state of Tasmania and Canberra, capital of the Australian Capital Territory.

Canberra is also the national capital of Australia and this might seem an odd choice for a capital city when you already had cities such as Sydney and Melbourne more than ready to take on the task. The founding of Canberra is similar to the founding of the United States of America’s capital, Washington D.C. This was a capital city purpose-built to serve as such. Seeing all eight will take a fair chunk of money and a flexible time schedule.

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Flights from Launceston to Sydney and the 5 Best Tips

Airfare can take a big bite out of your travel budget, but you can find ways to work around the costs when departing Launceston on a flight to Sydney and keep more of your travel dollars for accommodations, necessities and splurges. You do not have to spend all day scouring websites, but you may have to invest a little time doing your homework. Still, your hard work can pay off once you find your dream airfare. Here are the top five ways you can trim your airfare and get more out of your hard-earned money.

5. Go straight to the source.
Instead of going to popular sites that require you to invest upfront in tickets that you may not want, go directly to the airline’s websites. While Internet auctions can be a great way to net incredible deals, you must remember that you are buying your airfare sight unseen, which means that you may find yourself less than satisfied with the final arrangements. These tickets are nonrefundable, and you will not have your choice of flight times or even airlines. When you go straight to the source of the tickets, you can quickly scan for cheap fare or last-minute deals. These are often labeled as “special offers,” “limited time only deals” or “promotions,” and they can save you not only money but also time.

4. Plan ahead.
Last-minute deals are great for those unscheduled last-minute trips, but they may not be the best idea when you absolutely must fly on a specific date. Most travel experts recommend buying your airfare about four to six weeks before your schedule departure to ensure not only the best deals but also the best availability. Planning well ahead of your travel dates can also give you more time to research and find the best tickets for your needs.

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What to Know About Travel in Australia

northern view of Sydney Harbour and CBD

Travelling to Australia is one of the many popular world destinations.

Travelling internationally is something that is on everyone’s bucket list and travelling to Australia is everyone’s ultimate destination. Why is Australia so coveted? Well the fact that it’s on the other side of the equator and so far away from most other places is one theory. Going ‘Down Under’ is an ambition many tourists and travellers have yet to realise, it’s a life goal for many people.

They want to sit on the Gold Coast and sip a can of Fosters, cruise around Sydney Harbour admiring the Opera House and the Harbour bridge or go for a coffee in Melbourne. Australia is a land of opportunity to many people in the same vein as America and the people who visit often never want to leave and some don’t.

If you are new to travelling to Australia then there are the basics you need to know. The main language is English so if your native language is not English it would be a good idea to buy a phrase book or perhaps take some English lessons to get you by. English was brought to Australia when Great Britain claimed the eastern half of the continent in the late 1700s and started transporting the empire’s prisoner overflow to the various colonies that had been set up, the first being Sydney.

Naturally, all these Prisoners, after their incarceration was ended, began to start families and live as citizens of Australia and their descendants still live there to this day. Indeed, a good number of immigrants that come to Australia today are from the United Kingdom.

There are many sites online suuch as http://www.totallyaustralia.com/ that can help you in your preparations for travelling to Australia, one of the major ones is Wikitravel.org which has tourist information on every part of the globe from people who have been there. Also, there is roughguides.com and fodors.com which both give detailed information on hotels, restaurants and nightlife in Australia. One major thing you need to know if you’re planning to travel to Australia is whether or not you need a visa to enter the country.

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Why Are Serviced Apartments Becoming More Popular In Australia?

Ultimo furnished apartment living room

Serviced apartments in Sydney are a good choice when thinking about your accommodation options.

Australia is quickly becoming one of the more popular travel destinations in the world. The country offers thousands of kilometres of pristine coastline, lush beaches, brilliant cosmopolitan cities and remote outposts with plenty of options for rugged adventures. Exotic rain forests, vast red deserts, dense bush and stunning gorges offer virtually any experience a visitor could want. Australia offers numerous accommodation options for these travellers, but more and more of them are turning from traditional accommodations and turning to serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments offer a home-away-from home feel and benefits that simply cannot be found in other types of accommodations. They are chosen by families, business travellers, groups and students and there are numerous websites that cater for your every need when in Sydney and explain why, serviced apartments apartments are becoming more popular.

The top 5 main reasons why serviced apartments are becoming more popular in Australia, are listed bewlow;


Often several times larger than the typical hotel room and as big as a typical apartment, serviced apartments offer spacious accommodations at a competitive price. Choose from one, two or three bedroom apartments with one or two private bathrooms, gracious living areas and fully equipped kitchens that offer plenty of living space for everyone in your party along with the privacy that each of you craves. Why stay in a cramped or crowded hotel when every member of your party can enjoy the roomy comfort of your own private serviced apartment?


The cost of your accommodations can take a large bite out of your budget and reduce the available funds for other activities, but finding a place that you can afford while still enjoying all the comfort you want can be tough. Many travellers even feel as though they have to make trade-offs or settle for less than the best. Hotels tend to be costly, particularly for those planning longer stays, but serviced apartments are cost-effective and designed for affordability. Not only are they often competitively priced, but they also allow travellers to save on the other costs that tend to be associated with travel by cooking their own meals and doing their own laundry.


Accommodations such as hostels and hotels tend to be clustered in popular tourist areas, and while this can be convenient, it may not be what every traveller wants or needs. Serviced apartments are scattered throughout Australia’s major cities, including in the CBDs and outlying neighbourhoods. You can choose from an apartment in the heart of the city close to all the top destinations and public transportation or further out, which allows you to better experience the culture and people of the area.

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Where Do You Find Travel Packages to Sydney?

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay

Circular Quay is a great destination to begin your experience of Sydney.

As one of Australia’s most famous cities, Sydney offers vibrant experiences and exciting opportunities to its guests. The beaches of Sydney are world-renowned, and the city is home to the World Heritage-listed Sydney Opera House as well as the Australian Ballet, the Sydney Jewish Museum, the Powerhouse Museum, the Taronga Zoo and the Royal Botanic Garden.

In spite of the fact that Sydney is so popular or perhaps because of its popularity, visitors to this harbour city are often pleasantly surprised by its affordability. Accommodations in Sydney tend to be wallet-friendly, and a variety of public transportation options enable visitors to travel easily without putting a crimp in their budgets. Even the attractions in Sydney tend to be inexpensive. Student, senior and other discounts are common and an informative site on Sydney travel packages is a good place to start.

Travelling during the shoulder season can be one of the easiest ways to score a great deal. Peak travel season features not just higher prices but also larger crowds. During the shoulder season, you can still experience all of the excitement without the crowds or the high prices, and Sydney’s weather cooperates with more than 300 days of sunshine and pleasant weather all year long.

Your first stop for deal hunting should be the Internet. Travel sites can give you an edge in finding the most affordable airfare and accommodations. Some sites allow you to perform side-by-side comparisons taking into account not only the price but also the flyer rating and other critical details. You may even be able to compare additional costs, such as checked baggage, credit card fees or other extras that may not show up on your initial comparison.

Booking through online sites can include small fees in some cases, but those that are supported via advertising may even be free. However, online agencies can often feel impersonal and may not be able to provide you with immediate answers to your questions. Locating an online service that provides you with access to a personal travel adviser can be invaluable.

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Where Do You Find Flight Deals from Sydney to Tasmania?

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Cradle Mountain in Tasmania is a very popular destination for both domestic and international travellers.

Booking a flight is no longer a stressful process. Before the internet simplified everything, you would have to enquire at your local travel agents or even ring up the airlines directly to find flight information and fares and have it all booked over the phone. Back then, you were paying the full price for a flight, before all the surcharges and hidden fees came around. Today though, the internet has so many compare price sites, so many sites that offer deals on airfare and accommodation if you book through them and the marketplace is flooded with competition that the airlines have been forced to bring their prices down to make a profit themselves.

Flying between Sydney and Tasmania, you have a choice of two major airports you can fly into: Hobart, which is the capital and in the south of Tasmania and Launceston, which is in the north of the island. Click here for more detailed information on where you locate deals on flights to Tasmania from Sydney. If you know you’re Australia, you’ll know that Tasmania is an island to the south of the Australian mainland. Tasmania has been given the name the ‘Apple Island’ due to its status for many years as one of the worlds biggest apple producers. Many Apples orchards are still in production on the island, mainly in southern Tasmania and are exported to Japan on a regular basis. Tasmania is also famous for its wildlife, which live happily in the largely unspoiled wilderness of the island. The most famous animal is the Tasmanian Devil, which has been portrayed in cartoons, albeit with exaggerated characteristics, for years.

If you plan to travel to Hobart, you’re in for a treat. Hobart is the state capital and the oldest city after Sydney so there is a lot of history in Hobart. Founded in 1804 as a Penal Colony, Hobart has the distinctive backdrop of Mount Wellington and many descriptions of Hobart have mentioned it. Also, Hobart is known as the gateway to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Many scientists and researchers are stationed in Tasmania and take frequent trips out of the port of Hobart to study the southern pole. There’s even a direct link between the Wilkins runway at Casey Station and Hobart international airport.

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Locating Flight Deals Between Alice Springs and Sydney

Sydney Harbour and Opera House

Travelling from The Alice to Sydney with a visit to Sydney Harbour in mind.

With Summer rapidly approaching, you might be wondering what sort of deals you can find on flights between destinations in Australia such as Alice Springs and Sydney. Domestic tourism has been on the rise in Australia in recent years and many tourists are turning to the internet to find deals on flights. The internet is a popular place for travellers to book their flights, accommodations and everything else that they need on holiday.

The internet is the perfect place for you to find the deals that you’re looking for on flights from Alice Springs to Sydney. If you are really into shopping around and you like nothing better than beating a high street prices on flights then the internet is the perfect place to do that. The internet is filled with sites offering the best deals and comparing prices on flights to all destinations.

Not everybody is a person that simply must get the cheapest flight possible, there are many people who prefer to not mess with having to look and will take the first price that they see, which is often the most expensive.

In an ideal world, everyone would have enough money in their budget to get first class tickets to everywhere and be able to pay the astronomical fees that airlines charge for them but in today’s economic climate, that simply isn’t feasible. People have to be much more cautious with their money, never mind the billions that these social media companies can afford to spend on acquiring the latest internet sensations, people are feeling the pinch and sometimes the stress of having no money makes the need to spend it that much more urgent.

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Are Furnished Apartments in Sydney the Best Option for Accommodation?

Ultimo furnished apartment living room

Furnished apartments in Sydney are becoming more and more popular.

The glittering coastline of Sydney, its brilliant harbour, its diverse leisure time activities and its cosmopolitan air have all combined to help it become one of the top travel destinations in the world. The capital of New South Wales is the ideal blend of culture, art, beauty and business, and it offers eclectic experiences to suit virtually any personality.

Whether you are staying for a few days or a few weeks, Sydney offers plenty of options to fill your downtime. Fill a morning by wandering through The Rocks Discovery Museum and tracing the history of this exciting city, and then soak up the afternoon sun at Bondi Beach. No trip to Sydney would be complete without a visit to Watsons Bay and a meal of fresh, hot fish and chips.

Hotels have long reigned supreme when it comes to travelling, and for good reason: Hotels are convenient. Business travellers, families and holidayers can quickly and easily check in for a good night’s sleep. However, hotels are not always the best solution. In fact, more and more people are considering alternatives either because they want more versatility or because they have needs that cannot be met through traditional hotels.

Renting a furnished apartment in Sydney is much like renting your own home. There are multiple benefits to having your own space whether you are on holiday or travelling for work. Furnished apartments are becoming ever more popular because they offer far more than just a place to rest your head. In fact, they include all the comforts of home combined with the pampering amenities you have come to expect while travelling.

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Where Do You Find Travel Deals from Perth to Melbourne?

Melbourne CBD and Yarra river

Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia, certainly has a great deal to offer its visitors.

In a country that is known for its spectacular landscapes, Perth stands out with nearby Darling Range, crashing waterfalls and dense forests. Its heritage-listed buildings and modern skyscrapers of Perth offer a different kind of experience, and visitors can spend their days shopping, golfing, fishing, bushwalking or snorkeling. An evening cruise down Swan River can be remarkably romantic and relaxing, or you can take a day trip to Rottnest Island via the ferry and picnic along the picturesque bays. Virtually any experience you want to enjoy is within your reach in Perth.

Melbourne has just as much going on but with an entirely different feel. Melbourne is known for its love of art, sport and culture. You can lose yourself for hours in any one of its dozens of galleries and museums or spend an afternoon hunting up exciting street art in out-of-the-way corners, nooks and alleyways. Shop until you drop in Melbourne’s one-of-a-kind boutiques and lively weekend markets or simply spend an afternoon enjoying its stately architecture. Sample delicious cuisine from around the world, or sip fine Australian wines at one of the city’s sophisticated wine bars.

Affordable airfares are often quite easy to find when searching for a flight from Perth to Melbourne. The country is vast, and much of its interior is largely unpopulated and filled with rugged terrain. Flying is often the easiest way to get from point A to point B. Flights from Perth to Melbourne can take about four hours, depending on the prevailing winds, and costs can range from $155 to $245 for one-way economy class tickets. Business class tickets start at $1,299, and round-trip airfare combined with accommodations starts at $575.

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